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Ventilation for schools

COVID highlighted the awful air quality in schools. It’s time to invest in long-term fixes. Improving indoor air quality in schools doesn’t just reduce COVID-19 transmission—it also helps students learn, and can make everyone who spends time inside schools healthier. Prihoda Fabric Ducting is happy to contribute with uniform air distribution of a fresh air!


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International Day of Fabric Ducting and Diffusers

18th May. Three decades ago. Prihoda s.r.o., the leader in the fabric ducting industry, manufactured its first project. Hence each year on May 18th, the...
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The Annual Gathering of Fabric Ducting Enthusiasts!

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Prihoda Seminar in Indonesia

Export and Marketing Manager from Prihoda team visited pleasant consultants, contractors, architects, and university professors in Jakarta and Surabaya,...
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