Příhoda Dagbok


Masjid Al Faizin, Kepong, Malaysia

Prihoda has been supplying its fabric ducting into churches and mosques all around the world, but mostly in Malaysia, mainly thanks to Prihoda Malaysia and their marketing efforts focused on Prihoda Art technology. Al Faizin Mosque is another example where the client was looking for ducting with an Islamic pattern to match an interior design.  We are pleased to hear that the client and visitors are happy with both the appearance and the even air distribution which creates a comfortable climate inside the building.

36.698 m3/h
of air passes through our diffusers
111 m
of diffusers have been installed
200 Pa
pressure is harbored in our diffusers
Grundläggande parametrar
Total airflow: 36.698 m3/h
Pressure: 200 Pa
Diameter: C450, C800
Length: 111m
Material: PMS Prihoda Art