Příhoda Dagbok


Landers, Manila, Philippines

Traditional ductwork systems have long been the go-to solution for air distribution in commercial spaces. However, their rigid structure and limitations in airflow dispersion and design flexibility pose challenges, particularly in complex environments like supermarkets. Fabric ducting, on the other hand, offers a dynamic alternative. They provide uniform air distribution, they are easy to install and maintain and they have many other benefits. Congratulations to the Diverse Affari team, who supplied over 2 km of fabric ducting for the Landers Arca South supermarket in Manila. They were able to convince the project designer, general contractor, and HVAC contractor as well as the end customer of the benefits of Prihoda Fabric Ducting and Diffusers. There will be more installations for the Landers chain of supermarkets to come.

Grundläggande parametrar
Total airflow: 389.625 m3/h
Pressure: 500 Pa
Diameter: C800
Length: 2.075 m
Material: NMS LG