Příhoda Dagbok


GCH HOTELS d.o.o., Trogir, Croatia

Located by the sea in the small town of Trogir, this hotel has a new swimming pool equipped with 57 metres of Prihoda diffusers. In summer, the owner can quickly and easily remove all glass panels from the roof and walls and also ducts. During winter, our diffusers distribute hot air through perforations, providing comfortable temperatures for swimmers and blowing air towards the glass panels to prevent condensation on their surfaces.

5.000 m3/h
of air passes through our diffusers
57 m
of diffusers have been installed
140 Pa
pressure is harbored in our diffusers
Grundläggande parametrar
Total airflow: 5.000 m3/h
Pressure: 140 Pa
Diameter: C400 – C500
Length: 57 m
Material: NMS WH