Tyres factory, Floresti, Romania

This is a new installation for a famous tyre manufacturer. Crude rubber is vulcanised in large machines using steam at the factory. Each process line is 64m long. The working environment is very hot, with lots of radiant heat from the machines, high humidity and smoke. When vulcanisation is finished, each machine opens and smoke and steam pour out. The smoke and steam should remain inside the smoke curtains (suspended from the ceiling) and be extracted to the roof. Small nozzles direct fresh air to areas were people work and push escaping smoke from tyres back under the curtains at other locations.  During start-up and commissioning, workers came to say “thank you”, clear evidence that Prihoda Romania did a great job.
72.500 m3/h
of air passes through our diffusers
108 m
of diffusers have been installed
300 Pa
pressure is harbored in our diffusers
Total airflow:  72.500 m3/h
Pressure: 300 Pa
Diameter: C1250, C1800
Length: 108 m
Material: NMS DG