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Responsibility for our products

“We feel responsible for our products and customers can contact us and our representatives at any time during the given product lifespan”  Zdeněk Příhoda

DESIGN: A team of experienced technicians uses unique Air Tailor software to create a custom-made design for air distribution according to the customer’s wishes and the layout of the area. We consider unusual requirements a challenge. We have a dedicated development department, which is capable of inventing and testing revolutionary solutions, as is confirmed by the number of patents we own. Each of our designs is discussed in detail with the customer and is subject his approval.  DESIGN TOOLS

MANUFACTURE: Organisation of work in work groups increases motivation and personal responsibility for quality. The fine-tuned quality control system ensures 100% inspection of textile parts and installation materials before the contract is dispatched.  CERTIFICATE ISO 9001

DELIVERY: We deliver over 6,000 contracts to 70 countries worldwide every year and 99% of these contracts leave on the exact deadline we confirmed. We work with professional transportation companies and we monitor the consignment until it is delivered to the customer.  ABOUT US

HELP DURING INSTALLATION: The customer receives detailed printed instructions, with plans of the entire system and important details, with each contract. We have also executed animated instructions, which can be simply downloaded to a mobile phone through the QR code given in the printed instructions, to ensure easier comprehension of the installation process. Our customer support department is always prepared to consult problems during installation and recommend the correct procedure.  INSTALLATION

MAINTENANCE: The fabric ducting and diffusers can be cleaned perfectly by laundering in a washing machine. The frequency of maintenance depends on the environment and on local hygiene standards. We have executed a detailed procedure for washing and cleaning the diffusers and can recommend suitable products on request. We also have our own laundry department where we test products and the best washing methods. You can also entrust the fabric diffusers to us for washing and cleaning. CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE

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