Studio Egret West, London, UK

Studio Egret West is an award-winning architectural firm located in the heart of the City of London. Its multidisciplinary team, composed of architects and designers from a wide range of backgrounds, has earned a reputation for modern design excellence.

When Prihoda was asked to design the new ducting, the office was in the middle of a redesign – with changes to the entire office layout and the inclusion of new quiet spaces, work pods for conferences and other improvements to the working environment. As a result, noise and draught prevention were essential considerations throughout the design process. Prihoda designed three fabric duct systems to connect to the Fujitsu air handling units. Much of the design work went into ensuring that all the fabric ductwork could be installed at the same height while still avoiding the existing services and drainage pipes. Each system was specially adapted to the layout of the new office spaces so that the supply air adequately covered every area without causing any noticeable velocity or noise. The new ducting is also highly aesthetic, keeping with this architectural studio’s overall atmosphere. The grey fabric ducts mirror the grey exposed columns that support the building, creating a unified, contemporary look that acts as a counterpoint to the bold colours of the furniture and décor.

Total airflow: 11.460 m3/h
Pressure:  150 Pa
Diameter: C400 – C800, SG700
Length: 75 m
Material: PMSre DGO