We Innovate!

Fabric Ducting Now In India

Enjoying a superior indoor climate with efficient air distribution for any industrial or commercial space is the key to a functional, healthy and comfortable indoor environment.

Customizable Airflow Solutions to remove the stale and stagnant air can help create an effective air change and a good pleasant ambiance in schools, offices, shops, showrooms, and other types of rooms where people are assembled. 

Prihoda designs and supplies fabric duct systems backing you with installation and maintenance providing the most efficient, hygienic, and aesthetically appealing HVAC ducting systems with a complete air dispersion system –  an innovative technology of Air Distributions with various intangible benefits over Conventional Ducting System.

Prihoda can design solutions custom-tailored to your needs.

Fabric Ducting

Wondering Why Fabric Ducting?

• Prihoda’s filters allow the inlet air and are easily taken down for washing when required
• Properties like Anti Bacterial, Fire resistance, Condensation Free makes fabric ducting more reliable, less toxic, and trusted solution for most commercial and industrial applications.
• Fabric materials are non-corrosive
• Available in a variety of shapes (round, semi-circle and square)
• Customized colors to meet architectural demand
• Environment friendly fabric material made up from recycled plastic bottles

Save Space & Expenses - Budget Friendly Solutions

• Easy to install with up to 70% reducing overall costs significantly
• Well suited for retrofit installation
• Huge cost-saving due to the structural weight of systems
• No requirement for False Ceiling
• Huge saving on overall structural load on true ceiling
• Cost-saving benefits on Insulation, Grills, Diffusers, Dampers, Colours, Aluminium cladding, Labours
• Installation Time & Maintenance is easy

Prihoda - Sustainability & Innovation

Why Us?

Prihoda India is the first and only International company to dedicate offices in India and manufacturing units in Europe, China and Mexico. Our team of experts are equipped with our own dedicated selected software, proven knowledge and hands on experience of HVAC industries in India as well as the International Market.

More Information

It's all about customer service, expertise, and reliability. All our expertise is tailored to the task while we try to provide and implement a good solution and outgrow the expectations set. We offer our assistance as well to get started. Check out some frequently asked questions about us.
Transforming the conventional ducting system with innovative fabric ducting solutions
We don’t only produce products, we provide entire air distribution system for hvac industry. Prihoda utilizes best available resources for more productivity and growth; to expedite the process, optimize the design, and save - space, cost and efforts for the betterment of society.



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Our Expertise

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