Czasopismo Prihoda


Private pool, Kortrijk, Belgium

Swimming pools are places of leisure and exercise, offering a retreat for relaxation or a space for physical activity. Ensuring a comfortable environment within these facilities is crucial for the overall experience of swimmers and visitors.

Prihoda provides a comfortable indoor climate at a budget-friendly price in this spacious pool house. Ducts, custom made for the customer from polyester based fabric, are chloride-resistant. The discharge direction is sized so that the air currents are never directly felt in or next to the pool. To enhance the holiday feeling in the pool house, the client opted for Prihoda Art with a stylish image printed on fabric ducting.

Podstawowe parametry
Total airflow: 3.500 m3/h
Pressure: 120 Pa
Diameter: H550
Length: 18,5 m
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