• Tailor-made air ducting&diffusers

    We are a medium-sized, wholly Czech company, which is fully specialised in the production of fabric ducting and diffusers for the transport or distribution of air. We do not produce ducting by the meter, but provide tailor-made solutions.
  • More intelligence in air distribution

    Fabric ducting and diffusers provide a series of excellent technical benefits. These include draft-free air supply, even air-flow distribution, maximum induction or, conversely, low-speed air supply throughout. In addition, customers can choose any shape, size or colour scheme, including graphic motifs.
  • Customised solutions for every operation

    We are able to simulate air flow in our customers’ premises and suggest a suitable product. Our knowledge and years of experience allow us to put hundreds of technical details together so as to ensure the best result. Our expertise in air flow in ducts and in space is what our work is all about.
  • The widest range of products thanks to innovation

    In terms of fabric systems for the transport or distribution of air, there is practically no equipment or technical solution that we cannot manufacture. We have launched a range of completely new solutions and own several patents. We welcome comments from our customers, which we see as an opportunity to improve our services and perfect our products.
  • Contact us

    Our products are supplied through a network of authorised, trained representatives who cover almost the entire world. To streamline communication with our customers we have developed our own Air Tailor software that enables orders to be specified precisely and down to the finest detail.

O nama

PŘÍHODA s.r.o. belongs to the leading and largest manufacturer of fabric ducting and diffusers in the world! This company, which was established in 1994, is still owned and managed by its founder Zdeněk Příhoda. The company has undergone significant development over the years of its existence, as have the products is makes.

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26. 6. 2017 | Prihoda Mexico

After the recent opening of the manufacturing plant in China, we are announcing the opening of a sister company in Mexico. The increased demand for our products has made us broaden our capacities. The new plant in Mexico will supply our demanding customers primarily from North and South America.



PRIHODA akademija

22. 11. 2015 |  PRIHODA Academy in Dubai

U Prihodi smo napravili fantastične proizvode koji rješavaju mnoge probleme distribucije zraka i stvaraju estetske sisteme za širok spektar komercijalnih i industrijskih primjena. Također smo svjesni da je ono što mi proizvodimo onoliko dobro koliko i tim ljudi koji to dizajnira, prodaje i koji podržava naše proizvode. Zato i imamo Prihoda akademiju.


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  • Inovacije
  • Dug period garancije
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