Maintenance and Warranty

All of our ducting & diffusers are made from high quality and highly resistant materials without natural fiber additives. The material used is specified within the technical description of your order. Diffusers/ducting made of fabrics PMS, PMI, PLS, PLI, NMS, NMI, NLI, NLS, NMR, NLW can be washed normally in a common/industrial washing machine. Diffusers/ducting made of NMF, NHE, and NLF materials must be washed by hand. If the diffuser/ducting is equipped with rings, arcs or tensioning systems, these fixed components need to be taken out before washing.


Any maintenance must strictly follow the washing label symbols sewn into every section.

Washing Procedure:

1. Very dusty diffusers should be vacuumed prior to washing (pressurized air, soft brush).

2. Wash in washing machine with industrial washing detergent (follow directions for amount recommended by detergent manufacturer) at 40°C (104°F). We recommend a spin cycle of 400 rpm and several rinses. As the majority of the dirt and debris is accumulated on the inside of the diffuser it is usually best to turn them inside out. If badly soiled repeat washing or use a slightly stronger detergent. For hand washed materials use an adequate detergent, however, most hand washed materials can be cleaned with a vacuum, sponge or a steam cleaner.

3. A disinfectant can be used for added safety (medical or food service applications) but is not generally needed due to the antimicrobial agent already in the material (PMI/NMI). Do not use harsh chemicals which can harm the material or whiteners/bleaches which can discolor the diffuser. Use as directed by manufacturer.

4. Spin-dry the diffusers gently and either drip dry on a line or re-install them and finish drying with airflow from the ventilator. Never store wet diffusers.


The warranty period is deemed to start on the day of sale. For warranty to be valid all installation and maintenance instructions must be followed, in addition to regular maintenance of the supply air units. Additionally, supply air must be filtered to at least EU3 (MERV5) & maintain design pressure/flow stated in the submittal/order confirmation. Any deviation to the original design which has adverse effect on the material or accessories may void the warranty such as liquids/chemicals dripping on the fabric etc.