In the beginning of 2019, I can predict that this year will mark the beginning of a significant development of the company. Last year, we grew by 11.6%, however, I believe that the growth will continue in even a faster pace in the near future. We have stabilized our production in all three production facilities and we have strengthened our business interests particularly in Asia. We are staring to use a new generation of design software Air Tailor, which pushes the designing process of textile diffusers to yet another level. This fact as well as several other innovations fills me with optimism. I would like to thank our customers and business partners for their continuous support.

Hlinsko, January 10th, Zdeněk Příhoda



Prihoda India Private Limited

It is a pleasure to inform about opening our Indian subsidiary, Prihoda India Private Limited, with headquarters in Mumbai. The new company’s main goal is to enhance sales and marketing activities throughout the entire India. Being close to customers we intend to provide them with a fast and professional service. We wish a good luck to Mr. Ulhas Vatpal the director of the newborn company!




15. 1. 2018

2017 was a fairly complicated year for us, with a number of major changes occurring. Therefore, we and our local partners established subsidiaries in China and Mexico and so, for the first time in history, part of our production moved out of Hlinsko. The beginning was difficult in both places, as we are not willing to make any compromises in quality. It was a challenge to deal with the huge surge in demand for our products and delivery times were often unreasonably prolonged. We are entering the New Year with a clear resolution not to allow this situation to continue. We have boosted our capacity considerably in Hlinsko and both subsidiaries are now operating as normal. Despite having lost a number of orders due to long delivery time, last year our turnover increased by 16 %. We now have more than 180 employees in three plants and are looking forward to new challenges. We are working on ever more complex projects and this is a great source of satisfaction for us. Textile diffusers are still proving to be an excellent means of distributing air.

Hlinsko, 10 January, Zdeněk Příhoda


19. 12. 2017



1. 10. 2017

2017 Asian Distributor Conference

On the 19th and 20th September, Prihoda s.r.o. organized first oficial meeting of asian distributors in its daugter company Suzhou Prihoda. Participants were 20 people from China, Philippines, Indonesia, South Korea, Malaysia, Pakistan, Iran, Russia and headquarters in Czechia. They presented interesting mix of marketing and technical topics. The meeting brought an excellent interaction and networking among the group, while factory tour strengthens mutual trust between Chinese manufacturing plant and its customers.




26. 6. 2017

Prihoda Mexico

After the recent opening of the manufacturing plant in China, we are announcing the opening of a sister company in Mexico. The increased demand for our products has made us broaden our capacities. The new plant in Mexico will supply our demanding customers primarily from North and South America. This way, we will shorten delivery times and also alleviate the burden of the parent company in the Czech Republic, which is important for our European clients. The first orders in Irapuato have already been fulfilled.


28. 3. 2017

Suzhou Prihoda

We are proud to announce the establishment of our production plant in China. The newly established subsidiary Prihoda Suzhou will provide us with the necessary production capacity and conditions for further expansion into the markets in Asia.

Our sophisticated quality management system ensure that the quality of our products is the same, regardless of whether they are made in the EU or in China.

This step is fully in line with the company philosophy, i.e. to be close to our customers and provide them with a fast and competent service.



The year 2016 was unequivocally the most successful in our 22-year history. We achieved a turnover increase of 20% and acquired over 6300 new orders. We used 867 thousand m2 of fabric from which we manufactured a total of 360 km of ducting and diffusers. The number of employees grew to 146; they all work at our four buildings in Hlinsko. After purchasing the technology needed, we began using custom-colored fabrics under the name “Prihoda Art.” We perfected the flat SquAireTex diffuser, which earned a top prize for innovation at the trade fair in Mumbai. A series of measurements in the reverbartion room provided us with enough knowledge about the noise level of our products, and enabled us to develop a quality noise attenuator. We compiled CFD analyses for tens of orders with the goal of providing the user with air flow tailor made for his/her needs. We arranged a conference of business representatives, attended by 66 people from 35 countries. Their good work is the key to achieving the satisfaction of our customers all around the world. Everything indicates that we are at the beginning of another busy year in great shape!

Zdeněk Příhoda, director of the company, January 2017






Prihoda Art

For over 20 years, cutting-edge solutions from Prihoda have set the standard for performance for textile air dispersion systems. Now, we’re raising the bar for aesthetics with our in-house dyeing technology, Prihoda Art.

This unique process gives us the ability to produce highly engineered fabric air distribution systems in any Pantone color, with any pattern, and even with any image—no matter how complex. Molecular bonding of the pigment with the polyester guarantees that colors and images will resist fading; even with regular laundering.

Prihoda. The Art and Science of Air Distribution



Another award for Prihoda SquAireTex Fabric Tiles

For the seventh consecutive year, Prihoda s.r.o. exhibited at the Acrex India trade fair this year and, among other things, showed the world its new product line - SquAireTex Fabric Tiles. Our SquAireTex diffusers attracted lots of attention from visitors at the fair, on top of which they won 1st place in the Innovation category in the ACREX Awards of Excellence dedicated to exhibitors with pioneering solutions under categories such as Green Products, Energy Savings, Innovations and Indoor Air Quality.  The ACREX Awards Night took place on 25th February 2016 at the J W Marriot Hotel in Mumbai and Mr. Prihoda, the owner of the company, personally accepted the award.






We were able to repeat the excellent results of previous years in 2015, and completed more than 5,700 original orders, which is a growth of 12%. Our diffusers were sold in a total of 63 countries, including Iraq and Kenya for the first time. We improved many details in both product quality and the company's organisation, and worked intensively on Fabric Tiles SquAireTex, with which we are entering a new market segment. We are proud of our newly commissioned reverberation room for the precise measurement of noise levels, and also purchased our fourth, large operating premises for the realisation of other projects. We are reinforcing cooperation with our representatives around the world, whose knowledge of our products and level of technical expertise are essential for quality service to end customers. We have thus entered 2016 in great shape and with great determination.

Zdeněk Příhoda, CEO, January 2016