9. 1. 2015

The month of January is the most appropriate time of the year to look back over the past, for various statistics and for recapitulation. I will try to briefly list some basic facts about the company. Last year we again achieved growth in turnover in double figures, this time at a level of fourteen percent. We manufactured more than 5,100 original orders, the total length of ducting and diffusers supplied reaching a total length of 305 km. We processed an average of 2,865 square metres of fabrics every working day in 2014. Our products were sent off to 60 countries with export taking a 90% share. We employ 125 people in three newly repaired buildings in Hlinsko. Over the twenty years of existence of the company, we have achieved huge progress in quality and reliability of deliveries. Our 43 contractual sales offices operate in 66 countries. They design customised solutions for customers in close cooperation with us using unique software. We have a lot of ideas about improvement of our activities and products in the future, but the basic things remain the same. We want to provide the highest possible value to our customers through careful day-to-day work.

Zdeněk Příhoda, CEO

1. 12. 2014

State-of-the-Art Workplaces

There exist only very few theoretic works describing fabric pipes and outlets. Most expert manuals ignore their existence.  Individual manufacturers have no choice but do their own research and development. Příhoda s.r.o. considers innovation to be essential and supports it in every way it can. Proof of this lies in our new, professionally equipped workplaces. Our engineers have at their disposal superb apparatus for measuring mainly airflow, but also other properties of our products. By using smoke tests inside a special chamber, we can simulate and document how air flows from various types of perforations and outlets. In combination with CFD models, we are able to achieve outstanding results.


16. 9. 2014

The Sixth Meeting of Representatives

The basis of the success of PŘÍHODA s.r.o. is close cooperation with its contractual representatives. In September we held already the sixth meeting of authorised distributors. The meetings are held regularly at two-year intervals. This year was particularly special in view of the twentieth anniversary of the founding of the company. 56 people from 30 countries attended, which greatly pleased us. The event took place mainly in Prague, but part of the programme was an excursion to the plant in Hlinsko. Sharing experiences, new ideas and discussion of technical solutions was the focal purpose of the meeting. In addition to the main programme, there was enough time remaining for a visit to the theatre and much informal chatting.



11. 8. 2014

Twenty years

Exactly twenty years ago, I visited a notary with the intention of establishing a limited liability company. I gave her my name, inspired by the model of successful and famous Czech companies Baťa and Škoda. At the same time, I wanted to show this was my one and only life-long company, which I would take care of accordingly. We’ve come a long way from our humble beginnings with three sewing machines and two seamstresses to today’s world-leading position in our specialised market. Our production capacity is perhaps the largest of all our competitors. Coincidently, we received the five largest contracts in our history in the week of our twentieth anniversary. Together, they represent more than 56 km of ducting and will be manufactured within two months. During this period standard orders will continue to be dispatched within two to three weeks, as is our custom.

On the occasion of our anniversary, I would like to thank all our customers for their trust and all my colleagues for their excellent and dedicated work.

Zdeněk Příhoda, CEO

3. 1. 2014

2013 was without a doubt our most successful year in history. PŘÍHODA s.r.o. placed in the top five of the Czech “Company of the Year” competition, I was named Person of the Year in the city of Hlinsko, and we achieved record sales. Our sales grew by 13% year-on-year. We exported to 64 countries, Germany had the largest share of our exports, as has become a tradition, and the share of exports exceeded 92%. We were able to launch several technical innovations onto the market. Definitely worth mentioning are small fabric nozzles, products made from 100% recycled materials and the internal tensioning system. We received the ISO 14001 certificate and we also organized the first series of training covering technical details called “Prihoda Academy.” We are entering the twentieth year of the company’s existence in a good mood and well prepared.

I would like to thank all our customers for their continued confidence in us and I look forward to working together on further innovations.

Zdeněk Příhoda, CEO


ISO 14001

PŘÍHODA s.r.o. implemented and for many years already (since 2004) have maintained a quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001. In October 2013 we successfully met all the requirements of ISO 14001 and therefore we now also have a certified environmental management system. What the implementation of this standard means for our customers is that we closely monitor our activities and seek to ensure the reduction of any possible negative impacts that they might have on the environment. Both these certificates are applicable to the production and development of fabric ducting and diffusers and they can be downloaded from our website in the Download section.


Recognition for the Company

PŘÍHODA s.r.o. was voted Company of the Year in the Pardubice Region in the well-known competition organised by the newspaper Hospodářské noviny. We won the competition against 211 other companies from the region! Following the recent nomination of Director of the Company, Mr. Příhoda, as “The Personality of Hlinsko of the Year 2012”, this represents additional significant recognition of our work. These achievements provide us with energy for further work and for the development of the company. We work unflaggingly on technical innovation and on improving our customer service.



PRIHODA  Academy 1

The first technical training of our representatives, under the designation “PRIHODA Academy” took place in Prague on the 5th September with the participation of 24 individuals from 13 different countries. The main purpose of the programme was the implementation of complex (branched) air distribution systems using our software. The specialist in the formulation of offers, Jan Slabý, demonstrated a proposal procedure and the groundwork of an offer, including a dimensioned drawing. Zdeněk Příhoda focused in his lecture on the possibility of creating images of flow with different combinations of outlet perforation. A substantial part of the programme was comprised of answers to questions in the course of a very extensive discussion. With the rapid development of the company and the frequent implementation of innovation, we anticipate organising similar trainings on a regular basis.



PRIHODA Recycled made with REPREVE®

We have decided to enhance our portfolio with a material made from recycled fibres. We have teamed up with the reputable company Unifi and are using their Repreve brand fibre. This is made 100% from used PET bottles, which represent the most valuable resource in terms of environmental protection. Using these fibres a material identical with our PMI has been manufactured, which we call PMIre. Thanks to the sophisticated system that Unifi introduced for the identification of its fibres, it is always possible to be certain whether the material is really recycled. Each square metre of PMIre fabric rescues 13 PET bottles from ending up in landfills!

7. 5. 2013
The new workshop!

In May 2013 we started production in the renovated attic workshop in our second building at Wilsonova Street in Hlinsko. Given the steady growth in production volume we definitely need new premises. The capacity of the workshop allows us to increase the number of employees by up to 30 people. For heating and cooling we of course used fabric ducting&diffusers. We believe that the comfortable environment of a new workshop will further improve the quality of our products and services.

On the occasion of the new workshop opening the common picture of our employees was shot.



Pictures of the new shop

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