About us

Written by Paul Russon, Maine et Loire, November 2012

It is a matter of pride that PRIHODA s.r.o. is one of the top Fabric Ducting manufacturers in the world. Established in 1994, the company is still privately owned and is still managed by the creator Mr Zdenek Prihoda today.  Graduating from CVUT a Czech Technical University in 1988, specialising in HVAC, Mr Prihoda was immediately enthusiastic about Fabric Ducting as a concept, recognising the aesthetic simplicity of the product enhanced by its ability to resolve or improve so many air movement issues.

In 1994, 5 years after the ‘Velvet Revolution’ in the country previously known as Czechoslovakia, Mr Prihoda was finally able to realise his dream by investing everything in the first few commercial sewing machines.  Renting a local building PRIHODA s.r.o. was born.  Ideally positioned in Hlinsko with a long tradition of textile manufacturing, the company was able to draw upon a large and productive pool of experienced local people, some of whom are still working for the company today.  In fact the growth and success at Prihoda is down to a large team of talented and dedicated people.

Today the company owns 3 buildings and retains over 110 full time employees. The Company has a dedicated Development and Testing facility, complete with a laboratory and test chamber capable of producing and accurately measuring a vast range of air supply scenarios.  It has a large storage capacity to ensure there is enough stock to meet the orders on time and they have 13 laser cutting machines working over two shifts to keep production flowing and delivery times to a minimum.   The whole operation is certified to ISO9001 quality standards, the rules for which form the very basis of the design, planning and production flow.

Constantly innovative, the technical teams at Prihoda s.r.o. have many ‘Firsts’ to their name including…

-    Micro-perforation air diffusion (directional low velocity air delivery)

-    Endless fibres fabrics instead of staple fibres (no fibre shedding)

-    Negative pressure ducting and diffusers (fabric extract ducting)

-    Square shape fabric ducting, as a standard catalogue product

-    Adjustable pieces (straight lengths and bends)

-    Fabric Nozzles


Why the butterfly logo?? Well, the Prihoda Team believe the butterfly symbolises their product very well.  Butterflies use air for transport and come in many shapes and sizes, they are beautiful, light and colourful, just like their product!

Some important facts in numbers…

  • Established in 1994
  • 1 owner since conception
  • 3 buildings housing production, testing and storage
  • 13 Laser cutting machines to date
  • Over 110 employees
  • Amongst the top 5 worldwide manufacturers
  • One of the First to offer a 10 Year warranty
  • Agents in over 60 countries and territories worldwide

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