A propos de nous

PŘÍHODA s.r.o. belongs to the leading and largest manufacturer of fabric ducting and diffusers in the world! This company, which was established in 1994, is still owned and managed by its founder Zdeněk Příhoda. The company has undergone significant development over the years of its existence, as have the products is makes. From the first three machines and two sewers in a leased workshop, to over 120 employees working on tens of modern sewing machines in three company-owned factory buildings. Laser machines for cutting openings became essential and ultrasonic machines for cleanly welding fabrics have also recently become necessary. In both cases this concerns single-purpose, specially developed technology.

Our success is the result of a joint effort by all the company’s employees. A team of young people (young in their manner of thinking, rather than young in age) contributes to the everyday activity of product and service improvement. Over our years of cooperation with minimum fluctuation, we have succeeded in achieving excellent coordination of all activities and work practice. And this includes maintaining a good mood and positive atmosphere.

We chose the symbol of a butterfly for the company, for several reasons. The first is to differentiate us from manufacturers of traditional metal ducts, which are grey and heavy, whereas our product is light and colourful. The ease associated with a butterfly’s flight corresponds well with the ease of transport and installation of our products. The butterfly is also a suitable symbol for our ecological determination expressed by incorporating fabric made from 100% recycled fibres.



In spite of the fact that it may no appear to be at first glance, our product is not simple at all. It is frequently a complicated task to achieve air distribution according to our customer’s requirements, and it requires the appropriate knowledge and experience. We handle tens of cases every day and we consider ourselves experts in this field. We use our own design software, which is continuously perfected by our own programmer. We also own licences for CFD design software. We provide our technicians with the most accurate technology for simulating and measuring air flow and noise.

We consider ourselves the most innovative company in this segment. We have introduced a number of original solutionsonto the market and we own several patents and utility models. You can only purchase square fabric ducting, which can be used to exhaust air, from us. We were the first to use micro-perforation for low velocity air distribution and we subsequently developed the correct method of cutting micro-apertures at an angle. We have been engaged in reducing pressure losses in air distribution systems for some time.

We have optimised all the manufactured shapes and have radically reduced losses in turbulence equalisers.  Our research in deflection of air from perforations has resulted in a number of measures, of which anti-deflection pocketswork best. In 2015 we manufactured the first fabric Swirl diffuser named SquAireTex. Our internal ducting membranes, which are the basis for shutter and large-volume diffuser, offer wide range of applications. Our ultrasonic welding machines enable us to manufacture fabric nozzles from 20 mm in dimension.


2015 »  Fabric Tiles SquAireTex introduced

2015 »  Representative office opened in the Middle East region

2014 »  Twentieth anniversary of the foundation of Příhoda s.r.o.

2014 »  We export to 65 countries

2013 »  Completed more than 4500 order

2013 »  Received ISO 14001 certificate

2013 »  PŘÍHODA s.r.o. won the Pardubice Region Company of the Year award

2013 »  The company‘ s founder won the Hlinsko Personality of the Year award

2013 »  A third storage building acquired

2013 »  An office opened in China

2012 »  The number of employees exceeded 100

2011 »  Launch of new design Příhoda s.r.o. (new logo, new corporate identity)

2010 »  Own laundry opened

2010 »  Vehicular production given discrete production facilities

2009 »  Second production unit acquired

2008 »  Consumption of fabrics exceeds 500.000 m2

2006 »  More than 3000 orders completed

2004 »  Laser micro-perforation introduced

2004 »  Received ISO 9001 certificate

2003 »  Cessation of extraneous activities to focus solely on production of fabric diffusers

2002 »  More than 1000 orders completed

2000 »  Own building acquired

1998 »  Exporting to 11 countries

1995 »  Production commenced with just two seamstresses and three sewing machines

1994 »  Establishment of Příhoda s.r.o.